WhatsApp payment option show nah ho rahi | पेमेंट ऑप्शन नहीं आ रही

WhatsApp payment option not showing? Here you need to fix it.

If you are a person who loves using technology, you must be knowing that whatsapp has rolled out the payment feature in its latest update. And you must agree that it has clear potential of being the quickest and the most used payment app, at least in India. But even after update if you are not able to see this image you need to follow some of these steps. Well, you don't need to make those sad faces. Let's do it now. 

Step #1: Update your whatsApp

If you are an Android lover: Go to playstore, join beta version if you haven't. and update your whatsapp. It should be somewhat like 2.18.93 or later.  To check it go to help >> App info.

If you are in love with your iphone: Go to App store, update your app to the latest one. 


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Step #2: Open you whatsapp app

Go to the settings and check if there is a payment option. No? Okay the time for the final punch. 

Step #3: Let's cut the chase 

Actually, payment option is there but somehow, thanks to your badluck, it is hidden. You can activate it if someone invite you to use. You need someone who is already using this feature and send request to you. 

For that you can save the following number and whatsapp it to ask you to send the request. 

We shall activate it in nano seconds. 

Number shall be 9429109940. Just save it with a name like whatsapp payment or whatever you want in your phone and drop a whatsapp message. 


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Step #4: What's next ??

There is no step #4. Just start using and enjoy !!!





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