About Us

about us

About this work

The belief that the technology can bring fastest change to life keeps us going. Finding the possibilities of doing more in this limited dimension of time drives us.

Using the technologies to make life simple, short, fast and sweet. Sharing the bit we know with you which can bring a little expression on the face, ‘oh, I didn’t know that’ is the reward for us. Keep learning with us and do the limitless thing in limited version of life.

Our Story

A lot of stupid but required experiments gave birth to the Idea of  our Youtube Channel  which led the path of this blog.  The roots of this all lies in struggles and the faith in miracle of technology.

About Nitin Arya (Founder)

He is lucky be to a fast-growing YouTuber. Like every third person now in india, he is an engineer, working as manager in public sector. A photographer and a science teacher who usually deviates to the miracles of science rather than completing syllabus.

TV series, failed business models, camera, Jagjeet Ji are the ingredients of  his life-wine.

About Preeti Kumari (Lead Author)

Preeti is pursuing her engineering under electronics engineering program. She always crave to learn the technology specially which touches the newfangled part. She has a bad habit of entering into the world of programming languages. She is still trying to be a developer and in her free time she is wordsmith to write her imaginations.

About Abhishek Dand (Author)

Our latest awesome include is Abhishek who is an enthusiast about Arduino. Currently he has completed his engineering and has joined a reputed organisation to fulfill his dreams.